Updates for the 2012 4th of July Celebration

We have been flooded with questions in regards to where visitors can catch the best views of the fireworks display coming up on Wednesday.  Hopefully this blog has all of the updates and info you need to ensure a happy, fun and safe 4th of July in Sandbridge!

A common question we have received is if there are any public areas by the Mill Pond.  Unfortunately there are no public common areas in the area where the fireworks will be set off (Mill Pond).

However, the fireworks will be visible from the beach.  We recommend finding parking in the public spots along Whiting, Tuna and Pike and then watching from the beach.  As a bonus you will also be able to see the Oceanfront Resort strip’s display, too!  Twice the fireworks, twice the fun!

Also, we received a helpful message from the Fireworks Committee that answers a lot of questions we have received about boating in the Pond.  Please heed the warnings and restrictions below:

As most Sandbridgers know by now, we will have our own legal fireworks display!  They will go off at 9:00 Wednesday night, or in case of rain, 9:00 Thursday night in the Mill Pond at the intersection of Sand Bend and Back Bay Crescent.

We are expecting a big crowd, so please plan accordingly.  The fewer cars, the better.  So walk, bike or come by boat.  Remember there are no public bathrooms.  Also remember that the view is good from the end of Wood Duck, so you may find that’s a better fit for you and yours.

With legality, come rules.  There will be restrictions on boat anchoring.

Sailors should plan on tying up at each end of the pond, and tying up to each other instead of anchoring apart.  A lot of boats will be tied up in a much smaller space than we are used to, so please cooperate.  There will be personnel observing and you will need to follow their instructions.  There will be white buoys to guide you.  All boats need to be behind the buoys.

The fireworks company WILL NOT begin until all boats are safely at rest, so consider your friends and neighbors when anchoring.

If you have more questions about the Sandbridge 4th of July Celebration please leave us a comment below or leave a comment on our Facebook Page.