Little Island Beach Deemed a “Superstar” by NRDC

© Copyright Sandbridge Life - Crab on Sandbridge BeachThe beach at Little Island Park made the news today for a great reason!

Based on water quality standards, the National Resource Defense Council’s annual report on water quality at vacation beaches stated that Little Island Beach North ranks in the top 35 cleanest beaches in the US and deemed it one of the “Superstar Beaches.”

Local and state officials submitted water quality samples from over 3,000 beaches across the country to be studied by scientists to determine bacteria level.  Of all the beaches from coast to coast tested, 10% did not meet the standards for swimmer safety.

Sandbridge Beach is a safe, clean beach due to the on-going efforts made by the locals, visitors and various community organizations.  Please keep continue to keep our beach clean by disposing of trash and recycling at designated receptacles located at beach access points.

For more information about the standards of cleanliness at Sandbridge Beach check out our previous posts about being designated a Blue Wave Beach and the efforts made by the Sandbridge Beach Civic League, Sandbridge Beach Business Association, and Leave Only Footprints Project to keep our beach clean.