Fireworks Fund Goal Met; Festivities May Get Delayed

The million dollar question of the day around Sandbridge Beach is, “Are there going to be fireworks on Friday?”  

The answer as of Wednesday afternoon is maybe.

The good news is that thanks to all the generous support from the community, the fireworks committee was able to reach their fundraising goal of $14,000.  Hats off to the organizers and all the kind people who contributed to the fund!

There is a bit of potential bad news though.  A Tropical Storm named Arthur is currently hanging out off of the Florida coast, predicted to become a Hurricane soon, and threatening to bring heavy rainfall and high winds to Sandbridge Beach area on the 4th of July.

As of right now, officials are still evaluating the situation.  

If they decide to cancel Friday night’s events, a rain date is scheduled for the 5th.

The graphic below is from the National Hurricane Center’s website.  This was the latest information provided as of 12:30 pm on Wednesday, July 2.

Arthur Projection as of 1228 pm July 2 2014

We will be keeping an eye on Arthur as he progresses and moves up the coast so that we can keep you all informed on plans for the fireworks and boat parade.

Check back often for updates!