Press Release from US Department of the Interior


Virginia Beach, VA – Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge will hold its annual hunt for white- tailed deer from Monday, October 26 through Wednesday, October 28th.

For public safety, the Refuge, including its oceanfront beach, will be closed to all other public use on these dates. False Cape State Park, adjacent to the Refuge’s southern boundary, partners with the Refuge by conducting a hunt on the same dates, and also will be closed to all other public uses. Night surf fishing is also suspended during these dates.

Hunters may scout the hunting zones in the refuge and the Park from October 17-25, 2015. Hunters must wear blaze orange while participating in scouting activities.

Refuge hunts, which have been held annually since 1986, are aimed at maintaining a stable and healthy deer population. All hunting is in accordance with existing state regulations and bag limits, subject to additional Refuge/Park-specific regulations. Hunters are selected in a computer lottery draw, with that application period now closed. Those non-selected hunters wishing to hunt o a standby basis should contact the Refuge or the Park for further information on how they may do so.

The Refuge will re-open to public use at dawn on Thursday, October 29. Although the Refuge beachfront and the Bay Trail adjacent to the Refuge visitor center will remain open throughout the winter, the Refuge impoundment area will close to public access for winter bird migration season, effective Sunday, November 1. The impoundment area will reopen to public access on April 1, 2016.

Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge, a major resting and feeding location for water birds along the Atlantic Flyaway, is located in southeastern Virginia Beach, adjacent to the community of Sandbridge. Further information may be obtained by calling the Refuge at 757-301-7329.