4th of July Boat Parade

The Sandbridge Civic League and its volunteers will be leading a patriotic boat parade through the canals and waters of the Back Bay on the Fourth of July. Over the years, the number of boats taking part has more than quadrupled, making this a much-anticipated event in Sandbridge! The theme this year is a Patriotic theme. This will provide all participants limitless opportunities for decorating your boat. Boats are asked to gather in Osprey Bay (Bay North of Teal Crescent) for registration before the starting time of 7:00 p.m. The boat parade first goes through the Mill Pond, then boats will then travel up and down Sandpiper/Bluebill and Bluebill/Wood Duck canals. Judging takes place when boats enter Mill Pond for the first time from the north. For more information on the boat parade, please contact Ken Leach 916-261-1195.

Bring your family and friends and decorate your boat for this wonderful Annual tradition in Sandbridge as we celebrate the birth of our amazing country!