Back Bay Wildlife Refuge Releases Summer Schedule

Checked out our calendar lately? If so then you have seen that we added a long list of events going on out at the Refuge during June and July. Our friend Erica, Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge Ranger, brought over copies of the Summer Brochure last week for us to share with our friends. Stop by and pick one up!

Surf-Love-Hope Benefit – July 21

Surf~Love~Hope will be hosting a benefit on July 21 for the Normile and Fentress families in order to assist them with the cost of long term hospital care. Net proceeds from the event will benefit both families equally.

Weekend Events: Outdoor Adventures and Live Music

Although summer has not “officially” begun yet, it sure does feel like it when you look around our community. Summer in Sandbridge is in full swing; tourists pouring in on the weekends, live music happening at all of our favorite spots, plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy those sunny skies… life is good, especially the #sandbridgelife!

Weekend Events: Supporting the Fentress Family and Outdoor Fun

Please accept our sincere apologies for bailing on our regularly scheduled weekend report last week. To make up for it, here’s our fun-filled collaboration of events to attend in and around Sandbridge this weekend a whole day in advance! (Next week we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled Thursday afternoon posting.)

4th of July Boat Parade

Come join your friends at the 9th Annual 4th of July Boat Parade in Sandbridge! This year’s event is expected to exceed the 2009 record of 53 decorated boats.

Ban the Bag in Sandbridge

Our friends from Good Vibes Yoga and Beach SUP and Fitness have started a local movement “Ban the Bag in Sandbridge” to raise awareness and ban the use of plastic bags in Sandbridge Beach.