LiveStrong Sandbridge Challenge

Tie up your racing shoes and get your run on at Little Island Park Saturday (October 1st) morning for the LiveStrong Sandbridge Dolphin 5K and 10K Challenge. As you run through the picturesque community of Sandbridge, alongside Back Bay and the beach, you’ll be raising money for the Lance Armstrong LiveStrong foundation. Help fight the battle against cancer and enjoy some nice weather with all of your Sandbridge friends!

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2011 Pig Pickin’

  Residents, visitors and their family and friends filled Little Island Park on September 10th for an afternoon of great food, entertainment and support of the Rescue Squad. Thank you to everyone who came out to such an important event and an even bigger thank you to all those sponsors and booster club members who made this year’s event so successful! We had the pleasure…

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Sandbridge Survives Hurricane Irene!

Sandbridge Beach handled Hurricane Irene pretty well, given the circumstances. The massive storm bared down on our community throughout the weekend, with it’s eye passing just over Sandbridge on Saturday night. Despite this, Sandbridge prevailed, suffering a small amount of damage compared to the devastation that was predicted. The majority of the damage sustained was a result of a tornado produced from the storm. The…

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