City Council Update • March 13, 2018

City Council discussed the next steps in determining ordinances on short term rentals on March 13th. See Youtube link or watch video below. The conclusion appears to be an extension in time of 30 days or more to discuss and develop these conditions for short term rentals.

Conditional Use Permits Update • March 11, 2018

I am happy to report that it appears we have overcome one of the biggest threats towards the ability to rent your home in Sandbridge – Conditional Use Permits. On Friday, the Virginia State House and Senate passed a bill that states “the use of homes in Sandbridge Beach as a short term rental is a principal use”. This officially makes it legal, although for 55+ years its been an activity in Sandbridge.

We now have another phase. On March 20th, City Council is scheduled to be voting on ordinances to be put in place with short term rentals. This link will show you the alternatives they are reviewing. I urge any stakeholder or future stakeholder of Sandbridge to reach out to our City Council and let them know your thoughts on this subject. Jessica Abbot, City Council member, has posted a survey to take an unofficial poll on the issue. This survey will only be available until tomorrow so if you have a moment today please take time to respond. I feel that the best option for the Beach is the Planning Commission Alternative 3 or take no action at all. Make your opinion heard, please reach out to Council members via email, mail or call within the next two weeks.

We will continue to keep updated with latest information on this subject. There is an informal meeting this Tuesday by City Council where we will hopefully get some direction from Council on which alternative they are leaning. On a final note, I think that our State Delegate Barry Knight and State Senator Bill DeStephdeserve our sincere thanks for getting this bill through and on the desk of Governor Ralph Northam to sign. Please visit their sites to contact them and thank them.

Please feel free to call or email with any questions on this most important topic. Thanks for your support of Sandbridge Beach!

Pat Barton