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Weekend Events: Paddling, Kayaking, Charity and History

This Weekend’s Events List has a whole lot of paddling and kayaking on it, so get your arms all stretched and ready to go! Give the biceps a break between paddling and/or kayaking to learn about the local history or by supporting two local families at a benefit on Saturday evening. Check out the list for more details on everything happening this weekend!

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Weekend Events: Live Music, Wilderness and Water Sports

This coming weekend the events list is slammed with activities and while we would love to hit up every single event on the list, Clarridge’s article has inspired us to just stop for a moment and rest while taking in the picturesque beauty that surrounds Sandbridge Beach. Take in an activity or two this weekend, but stop to smell the roses. At least travel down Sandbridge Road and stop to check out the beautiful Lotus Gardens that are in full bloom! We took a few pictures there this morning, but everyone should stop for a minute to admire them in person. They are remarkable.

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