Chinese Lanterns Light the Sandbridge Sky

Owner of the Baja Restaurant, Jim Reeve, purchased around 20 Chinese Sky Lanterns for the 4th of July festivities but due to inclement weather they were unable to use them that night.

So this weekend he seized the moment when Sandbridge was blessed with a beautiful, wind-free, rain-free evening on Saturday.  Reeve got the crowd that was hanging out in the Bayview Lounge to send the lanterns soaring into the night sky.  The peaceful looking Chinese Sky Lanterns lit up the Sandbridge sky.  It was just another fun evening at the Baja that locals and visitors alike enjoyed.

Chinese Sky Lanterns are airborne paper lanterns traditionally constructed from rice paper and a bamboo frame.  A small wick is lit inside and the lantern only flies as long as the candle stays lit.  When they fall back down to the ground, water, etc. they are 100% biodegradable.

Photos courtesy of Cindy Graf.