Have You Gone On The Blue Goose Tram?

One of the great things about Sandbridge and Virginia Beach, is often forgotten. Located on the southern end of Sandbridge Beach, lies one of the country’s greatest wildlife refuges: the Back Bay National Wildlife Refuge. Locals and vacationers alike have been enjoying the Back Bay Wildlife Refuge for many years.

The refuge’s barrier islands feature large sand dunes, maritime forests, fresh water marshes, ponds, beach, and large impoundments for wintering wildfowl. The majority of refuge marshlands are on islands contained within the waters of Back Bay.

Over the past few decades, the Wildlife Refuge has installed multiple means of educating the public on the Back Bay and its environment. This summer, they have:

  • The Blue Goose Tram – A tram that transports visitors through Back Bay and into False Cape, with a hiking trail to the historic Wash Woods
  • Back Bay Bike Exploration – Bikers are led on a scenic bike route to Back Bay’s Viewing Center, where they are educated about migratory birds, waterfowl, and animals that thrive in this habitat
  • Turtle Talk – Learn about the Sea Turtles that nest on Back Bay’s beaches.