Sandbridge Survives Hurricane Irene!

Sandbridge Beach handled Hurricane Irene pretty well, given the circumstances. The massive storm bared down on our community throughout the weekend, with it’s eye passing just over Sandbridge on Saturday night. Despite this, Sandbridge prevailed, suffering a small amount of damage compared to the devastation that was predicted.

The majority of the damage sustained was a result of a tornado produced from the storm. The Saturday morning tornado came in from the ocean side and completely destroyed an ocean front home and damaged at least 3 other homes on the 3300 block. Everyone is working hard to get their homes back in shape so vacationers can enjoy the holiday weekend. City crews were very quick in clearing the beach road, power has been restored, and many residents and vacationers returned to area on Monday.

Businesses are back in full force, and anticipating a great week and a spectacular Labor Day weekend ahead!

Hurricane Irene over Sandbridge