Shape Magazine names Virginia Beach in the ‘Top 10 Fittest Cities in America’

Shape Magazine, a women’s health and fitness publication, has ranked the city of Virginia Beach in its Top 10 Fittest Cities in America within this month’s issue. The popular magazine had a variety of great things to say about the city that Sandbridge resides. They pointed to the plethora of outdoor activities available and the largely healthy diet residents live by as a few of the many reasons why Virginia Beach residents are among the fittest in America. They had this to say regarding Virginia Beach:

“The region is tops in fruit and vegetable consumption—about 20 percent higher than the rest of the U.S.—and locals are devoted to regular workouts. It also has a high percentage of city land devoted to parks, with 249 green spaces, including 14 miles of free beaches and more than 18,000 acres of state parks.”

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“Top 10 Fittest Cities in America” by Alyssa Shaffer – Shape Magazine