Creative Couple Decorates and Repairs Sandbridge Properties

Bryant and Cyndi Turnage - owners of Delightful Designs and rorcorps LLC
Bryant and Cyndi Turnage - owners of Delightful Designs & rorcorps LLC

Newlyweds Bryant and Cyndi Turnage are new residents of Sandbridge Beach, but they are quickly making a name for themselves with their creative business ventures.  We invited the Turnage’s to our office to sit and have a chat so we could learn more about them and the businesses they have begun that are creating a buzz throughout the community.

Bryant and Cyndi met while working for the same large general contractor in Northern Virginia.  With Cyndi’s natural eye for color, texture and style combined with Bryant’s handyman repair skills these two quickly began finding design and repair projects.  After completing several projects for friends and family word began to spread about their impeccable and unique work.

   Bryant has family in Sandbridge that the two had to come to visit many times and they found themselves caught in the allure of the Sandbridge Beach lifestyle; the laid-back surfer life, the island-style aloha and the friendly, tight knight community as a whole drew them in over time.  On one particular visit over Super Bowl weekend, Bryant and Cyndi were heading out of town when it hit them that Sandbridge was no longer a place they loved to visit, it was now a community they felt they belonged and wanted to make their home.   This creative duo claimed Sandbridge Beach as their new home shortly after their wedding in the summer of 2012.
   Bryant does repair and construction with rorcorps LLC while Cyndi focuses on the aesthetics with her business, Delightful Designs.  Even as they sat in the Sandbridge Life office for this interview they continually fed off each other’s ideas, showcasing their complimentary style of working together.
Below are some before and after photos of the work they have completed since branching out into the world of entrepreneurship.

If you are interested in hiring either Cyndi or Bryant please contact them at the information below:

rorcorps LLC
Home Improvements/Handyman
Contact:  Bryant Turnage
Phone: 757-848-8185
Email:  [email protected]

Delightful Designs
Interior Design/Staging
Contact:  Cyndi Turnage
Email:  [email protected]
Phone:  703-505-9052