Congratulations to our Seniors of Sandbridge!

Is Rain A Sign Of Good Luck?

Rain is considered a sign of good luck. As rain symbolizes positive things such as change, renewal and life in general, it can be taken as a sign that good things are about to come your way. Rain is the symbolic announcement of a new beginning within a specific area of your life.


Well, there you have it! As of Thursday, June 8, 2023 our Seniors of Sandbridge were the luckiest graduates in Va Beach 🙂  Lucky, very much loved and appreciated. I must say, I was disappointed with Mother Nature but highly impressed as I watched our seniors and volunteer team jump from Plan A to Plan B to Plan C due to the rain without missing a beat. Please know that without the help of special neighbors and local SB businesses, our celebration wouldn’t be possible.  I do hope all of our families and friends were able to enjoy the ceremony amidst the rain and wind. Best of luck to all of our seniors as you step out into the business world and college!


Angela Kirkland
Organizer, Photographer (Sandbridge Portraits), and Mom of a Sandbridge Senior